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[How To] Format Hard Drive From Bios

Normally, people want to know if they can format a hard drive from BIOS when they are unable to access their operating system. Or, alternatively, they may want to format the drive on which their operating system is located. Normally, formatting a hard drive is not that difficult. From Windows Disk Management you can select … Read more

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[SOLVED] Discord Update Failed Loop

Discord is a useful app that allows people to chat and send messages to each other. It’s usually pretty reliable, but sometimes errors occur. One error is the Discord update failed error. When this happens Discord will be stuck in an update loop. The result is normally that you end up stuck on the update … Read more

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[SOLVED] Roblox Error Code 267

Roblox is a great gaming platform where you can create games yourself or play games created by other people. However, sometimes users find that they are kicked out of a game and given the error code 267. Normally this error code appears like this: DISCONNECTED: You were kicked from this game [Error Code 267] Roblox … Read more

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[SOLVED] .Net Runtime Optimization Service: High CPU Usage Problem

The .Net Runtime Optimization Service is a component of Windows that helps your system by starting apps and programs. With .Net Runtime Optimization, apps and programs start faster than they would start without it. It works in the background to compile .net assemblies when your computer is left idle and then uses them to start … Read more

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The ‘err_network_changed’ error is often reported on Google Chrome. It also occurs as the message ‘your connection was interrupted’ or ‘a network change was detected’. While this is common on Google Chrome, it can happen on other browsers. If you aren’t getting an error message, another sign of this error is that web pages will … Read more

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[SOLVED] Discord Not Detecting Mic

Discord is a great voice video chat application. However, if you are a discord user you may have encountered the ‘Discord Not Detecting Mic’ error. This error seems to happen less frequently on the online version of Discord, than on the desktop version. This error leaves you able to hear the people you are chatting … Read more

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[SOLVED] No Internet

A ‘no internet’ error is a common error that occurs when trying to connect devices to the internet. This means that the device is able to connect to the local network (usually a Wi-Fi router or a modem), but it can’t connect to the internet. There are a number of things which can cause this … Read more

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[SOLVED] System Thread Exception Not Handled

A system thread exception not handled error is an error that appears as a Blue Screen of Death error message on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. This usually occurs when process threads running critical windows services break down. Although some people might get the error message 10 to 15 seconds after starting their … Read more

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[SOLVED] Modern Setup Host: High CPU and Disk Usage

Modern setup host is a Windows process that runs in the background to detect and install updates. If your Windows computer is running slowly, you should always look at processes in the task manager to see what is causing the problem. Sometimes task manager will show that the culprit is modern setup host. This component … Read more